Droogte 2014


Graag vraag ik jullie steun voor het door droogte getroffen Pokot volk. Met de stichting African Dental Aid zijn wij elk jaar actief in deze regio van Noord Kenia, maar door aanhoudende droogte sterft het vee en dus ook de mensen. Wij kunnen als stichting hier onze ogen niet voor sluiten! Wij hebben dan ook besloten een bedrag over te maken, maar vragen ook jouw steun.

Ik heb vandaag een email van mijn contactpersoon (Chief Robert Kanyakera) ontvangen waarin de schrijnende situatie duidelijk wordt.

" I would wish to inform you that things are not good to the Pokot people here as a result of long drought that really affected us for now close to six months. It has targeted the human population close to 5000. Eighteen people have so far died of hunger and starvation for lack of food and medication since March 2014. Hundreds of livestock have also died as a result of lack of water and pastures. All the water sources including dams, rivers have dried up and people forced to travel long distances to get water and pasture for the animals and domestic use, several schools have been shut down. As a matter of request may I kindly on behalf of the community appeal to you and other well wishers to urgently start fund raising towards financial support/donations to assist us purchase food and medical supplies to rescue the most affected members of the Pokot community as we did in 2009. The most affected are children and elderly members of society."

Mag ik u vragen een financiële bijdrage te leveren. U kan het overmaken naar het rekeningnummer van de stichting met vermelding van "Hulp Pokot". Dan gaan deze donaties linea recta naar Robert voor het opstarten van de noodhulp.

Stichting African Dental Aid 

Rek: 44 07 21 067
IBAN: NL68ABNA0440721067

Dear friends,

Greetings , indicated here below is a summary estimate budget to assist purchas food stuff, medical supply and other expenses including hire of lorries and water tanker to assist three hundred ( 300) most affected people who are currently in critical condition.
The food etc shall be served according to ratio(s) to sustain the beneficiaries .

(a) Purchase - 200 ( 90kg) Bags of maize @ Ksh. 3,000 = Ksh. 600,000 
(b) Purchase - 100( 50kg) Bags of beans @ Ksh. 4,200 = Ksh. 420,000
(c) Purchase - 100 cartons of cooking oil @ Ksh. 2750= Ksh. 275,000
(d) Purchase - 100 kg of cooking salt @ Ksh . 50 = Ksh. 5,000
(e) Purchase - 20( 50 kg) Bags of sugar @ Ksh. 2,500= Ksh. 50,000
(f) Purchase - 50 cartons of porridge flour @ Ksh.1,000 = Ksh. 50,000
(g) Hiring 4 ( 7 tone lorry) for transport @ Ksh. 25,000 per lorry= Ksh.100,000
(h) Hiring water tanker to supply water to villages and schools for one month @ Ksh. 15,000 per day x 30 days = Ksh. 450,000
(i) Purchase of medical supply @ Ksh. 50,000

N/B: As the drought continue to bite we expect more people to suffer and more humanitarian assistance required to save life's


Chief Robert Kanyakera


Mon August 25, 2014, 02:52:00

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Mon August 25, 2014, 06:18:45

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